No. 128 - How Do You Improve Self-Confidence?

So how do you become more confident? Get a head start by telling yourself that you're gaining more confidence now. It helps! Various experts add: being in good health, regularly exercising and taking care of your body, frequently participating in activities that are fun and not just working all the time, having some close confident friends that you...
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No. 3 - Push Back With Respect

There is a new show on NBC this season called Madam Secretary starring the talented actress Teo Leoni.  My favorite line in the season opener was when the Secretary of State (e.g. Madam Secretary) was told about her boss's order (e.g. The U.S. President), "You don't have a choice."  And her response, "Here's the problem.  I've never met a situation where I don't have a choice in the matter."I like that attitude:  With respect, do not defer.-Debra