No. 128 - How Do You Improve Self-Confidence?

So how do you become more confident? Get a head start by telling yourself that you're gaining more confidence now. It helps! Various experts add: being in good health, regularly exercising and taking care of your body, frequently participating in activities that are fun and not just working all the time, having some close confident friends that you...
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No. 4 - NFL Football is Business Just Like Your Business

[caption id="attachment_327" align="alignnone" width="350"] Photo: Todd ShoemakeFor a few days I found myself staying at the same hotel as the New England Patriots football team.  Naturally, I took every opportunity possible to engage in conversation whether in the elevator, lobby, workout room, or restaurant.When they found out I was an executive coach — interested in parallels in athletic coaching —  various players were open to telling me their opinion.  Repeatedly they wanted to make clear that playing football isn't a game to them, it's their job.  In high school and college it was a game, but pro football is their profession as “money is the big motivator just like any business."They told me they don't need or look for motivation and locker room pep talks from their coach (again, that’s for high school and college).  As one player said, "So many people want to be NFL players that we're pretty self motivated.”  What they want from coaching is: Technique and skill development (with both verbal and visual explanations) Good direction that covers all contingencies and keeps them from going in unprepared Honest and loyal encouragementAnd like you, they prefer not to be yelled at.- Debra

No. 1 - Why I Write, Coach, and Speak

Some of the last words my mother said to me before she died were, " teach people how to be good to other people."I'm glad she saw her daughter's work that way. I'd just add, "...teach people how to be good to other people while still being a strong, strategic, decisive leader."You can do both; in fact, to lead today's diverse work force you have to do be able to do both -- or people will not trust, follow, or listen to you.That is my life's work: To help you be different and better than competitors -- in how you think, act, and interact -- in both your professional and personal worlds. It's not to have control over others, but to be in control of your own world.I constantly try to get better -- to learn new or better ways of handling myself and situations that I face in my world. Everything I know and learn I'm eager to share with you, and that is why I write, coach, and speak.- Debra