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No. 108 – 7 Benefits of Your Positive Attitude

If you "sing" at work as Warren Buffet says he does, it shows in person and online. When you look, think, and act with deep cheerfulness, you:

•  Lighten yours and others' burdens
•  Increase your physical, mental, and emotional energy
•  Have a better chance of fighting off a cold (scientists say)
•  Make experiences delightful
•  Have more fun than pessimists
•  Live longer (research supports)
•  Are remembered when you're gone

One long time friend and mentor, Jim Rupp, told me before he passed away, "Every morning I wake up thinking something wonderful is going to happen to me today; and when it doesn't, which is often, I think, it will happen the next day."

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Thursday, 19 July 2018